Saint Francis University Library

New e-book / e-magazine collections available

We are pleased to offer the following 2 newly subscribed multi-disciplinary e-book / e-magazine collections:

PressReader ( iOS / Android )
PressReader delivers access to over 7,000 magazines and newspapers from more than 100 countries worldwide in full-colour, full page format. You can browse the current issues of your favourite publication on your computer, tablet and phones, and even download them to your devices for offline reading.

Ebook Central Academic Complete (Upgraded from Ebook Central Social Sciences Collection)
Academic Complete ebook collection provides comprehensive access to over 200,000 titles in multi-disciplinary subject topics, including Business Management, Computer Sciences, Humanities and Languages, Medicine and Nursing, Social Sciences as well as Psychology.

Students and staff are welcome to access the above resources via A-Z List e-databases.