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Emerald Journal Reading Quiz: Knowledge Behind Gastronomic Delight

Emerald Journal Reading Quiz

The “Emerald Journal Reading Quiz: Knowledge Behind Gastronomic Delight” is running from now through 26 May 2023. If you have all THREE quiz questions answered correctly, you will enter the lucky draw and have a chance to win one of the following fabulous prizes. Winner of the quiz will be contacted via email. The result will also be posted up on the library website if the winner is from the CIHE / CBCC community.

  • 1st prize: Bose QuietComfort Earbuds
  • 2nd prize: Nordace Siena Travel Backpack
  • 3rd prize: K380+M350 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The quiz is easy and takes you only a few minutes to complete. Click Here for more information and to start the quiz right away!
The answers can be found by searching Emerald databases. To find the answers to the questions, you may read the articles below and get the tips for the questions.

Question 1: Tips – Scroll down to page 392, under the heading ‘Interviews’, check line 5 & 6!
Question 2: Tips – Scroll down to page 3, under the heading ‘2. Data and methods’, check the last line!
Question 3: Tips – Scroll down to page 551 and check Figure 1!


  1. To ensure that you can view the articles properly, you are encouraged to use the access links provided above or make sure that your device is connected to the institution’s network.
  2. Please ensure that you fill in your institutional email address and the full name of the institution “Caritas Institute of Higher Education” at the end of the quiz.

The Library currently offers access to the eBook Series Collection, Marketing Collection, Public Policy & Environmental Management Collection and Tourism & Hospitality Management Collection provided by Emerald. These cover e-books and journal titles across different subject areas including marketing, hotel management, food & beverage management, public administration & management and more. If there are any enquiries regarding the use of Emerald databases, please feel free to contact the Library at 3653-6620 or via email