Saint Francis University Library

Winners of the Emerald 2020 eJournals Quiz

Thank you very much for participating in the 2020 Emerald eJournal Quiz. The quiz was successfully completed on 14 May 2020. We are pleased to announce that 2 CIHE students have won the Jaybird TARAH PRO earphones (1st prize) and Phiten sports necklace (2nd prize) respectively, which are sponsored by Emerald Publishing. The winners are listed below:

Congratulations to all lucky participants.

ID (First 4 characters) Name Prize
1970xxx Ho Txx Yxx Jaybird TARAH PRO earphones
1919xxx Lai Kxx Lxx Phiten sports necklace

Jaybird TARAH PRO earphones

1st prize presented by Ms Charlotte Wong (Librarian)

Phiten sports necklace

2nd prize presented by Ms Charlotte Wong (Librarian)