Saint Francis University Library

Library Regulations

Admission and Registration

Admission to the Library is restricted to registered members. Library staff may require any person entering or reading in the Library to produce evidence (a valid Institute / College Identity Card or a Library Reader / Borrower Card) of his / her entitlement to use or borrow any materials in the Library. Identity Card and Library Reader / Borrower Card are strictly non-transferable. Loss of cards must be reported immediately and in person to the appropriate issuing units and the Library. A charge will be made for obtaining a replacement.

While the primary objective of the Library is to provide free services to all members of the Institute / College, access to the library collections is also available to the Caritas Community and the Higher Education Service (CCHES) Member Institutes / Units and graduates who have obtained their Library Reader / Borrower Cards.

Conduct of Library Users
  • All users should abide by the Library Regulations and follow the instructions from the library staff on the proper use of the Library.
  • No beverages, except drinking water, can be taken into the Library. Eating in all parts of the Library is strictly prohibited. Any user breaching this rule will be asked to leave the Library immediately.
  • Smoking, shouting, use of mobile phones and other disturbances are forbidden in all parts of the Library. Any person who is acting to annoy others will be asked to leave the Library immediately.
  • No physical games of any form are allowed in the Library.
  • No cameras, personal photographic, audio or video equipment may be used in the Library without prior permission from the Librarian.
  • Seat reservation is not permitted in the Library. Unattended belongings may be removed by the library staff. Users should ensure that valuables are not left unattended. The Library is not responsible for the safe keeping of any belongings.
  • When making reservation for the use of group discussion rooms, users should abide by the regulations here. Those who fail to do so may be asked to leave the rooms immediately at the request of the library staff.
  • Umbrellas and raincoats should be deposited on entering the Library.
  • It is an offence to remove any library posters and signs, items of equipment or pieces of furniture from the Library without permission. Offenders are liable to a fine in the event of the loss of, damage to or defacement of materials entrusted to their use. Serious offences will be liable to further disciplinary action.
  • All library materials must be properly checked out at the Circulation Counter or through the self-check station. Users should report any damage and/or defacement of a borrowed item. Otherwise, users should be held responsible when the item is returned.
  • At the request of the library staff, personal belongings should be shown for inspection at the library exits. Theft of library materials is a serious offence. Penalties may include full payment of cost, suspension of library privileges or academic sanctions.
  • Any person who ignores the overdue notices or refuses to pay any outstanding charges such as overdue fines, replacement costs of damaged books or repair of damaged property, the Library will suspend his/ her borrowing privileges until the amount is cleared.
  • Library users’ borrowing privileges and issuance of academic documents (for students) will be suspended until all library fines have been paid and all library materials have been returned.
  • The Library is designated for users’ study and reading purposes. Those who occupy library furniture for sleeping would be requested to move to other areas outside the Library.
  • When photocopying library materials, copyright laws must be observed. Reproduction or duplication of audio-visual materials or computer software is strictly prohibited. Users are warned that they are fully responsible for any legal consequences concerning copyright infringement that may arise. Please visit copyright laws for details.
  • All users should enter and leave the Library through the designated entrances and exits unless directed otherwise by the library staff.
  • All users should leave the Library in the case of a fire alarm.
  • Any user who fails to comply with the Library Regulations may result in suspension of library privileges. The user’s name will be recorded in the Library Register and he / she will be requested to leave the Library immediately.