Saint Francis University Library

Responsible Use of E-Resources

  • Under the licensing terms and conditions agreed with e-resource providers, access to e-resources is restricted to current CIHE / CBCC students, staff and authorized users only, both on- and off-campus.
  • Eligible users have to enter the network login username (e.g. s170000xx / tmchan) and password assigned by the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) to access e-resources off-campus.
  • All e-resources are for personal study and research purposes only. They must not be circulated, redistributed or used for making profits.
  • Given the concurrent access limit for e-resources, users should log off immediately after use so that others would not be deprived of their right of access.
  • Sharing of any passwords with unauthorized users to access e-resources subscribed by the Library is strictly prohibited.
  • Information retrieved from e-resources must not be reproduced at will. While downloading or printing a certain portion of e-resource contents may be permitted, systematic mass copying or extensive downloading is prohibited.
  • Acknowledgment must be made if the information retrieved from e-resources is used in your work.
  • If any abnormal use of e-resources and related improper acts have been detected, the Library may suspend their use of library e-resources until further notice.
  • Users must pay attention to intellectual property rights and abide by relevant laws. Offenders have to bear all legal consequences arising from any violation of such laws. Please visit copyright laws for details.
  • Users are warned that copyright infringement or violation of the terms of use of e-resources may result in the suspension or even termination of access to e-resources by providers for all members of the CIHE / CBCC community. Users will be liable to any legal actions taken by providers and parties concerned as well as penalties for any claims and costs the Library has to bear as a result of such consequence.