Saint Francis University Library

Library Service Updates (September 2020)

Disinfection Robot Services

The automated spray dry mist disinfection services were carried out in the Library and the Learning Commons in September 2020. Robot RVFOBO was used during the disinfection process. Bookshelves were cleaned, dried and sterilized, together with the floor areas of the two library complexes. In the coming future, the Library will continue to carry out disinfection services with the help of our friend ‘Robot’ to keep a clean environment for all library users.


Interactive Whiteboards

To support students’ group study and collaborative learning, the Library has installed 3 interactive whiteboards in the Learning Commons: 2 in group discussion rooms (with a screen size of 75 inches) and 1 in the public area (with a screen size of 85 inches). Students can freely write, draw and make notes on the whiteboards, or connect their portable devices to the whiteboards for use. Let’s come and try them out with your groupmates!

External Adaptors on Tables

The Library has installed external adaptors with USB ports on group study tables in the Learning Commons to help connect your electronic devices with the power source. In this way, you can charge your devices conveniently.

Area for SEN Reserved

Situated close to the Circulation Counter in the CBCC Library, the area is specifically designed for students with special education needs so that they are able to seek assistance easily whenever needed. External adaptors are installed on the table for connecting electronic devices while notebooks and Macbooks can be borrowed for their use. There is also an accessible, barrier-free washroom in the area.

Optimization of Library Environment – Calligraphy paintings from Dr. Siu at CBCC Library and more plants placed at CIHE Learning Commons

The Library is very pleased to display on walls a collection of precious calligraphy works donated by Dr. Siu. Written in different script styles, including clerical script, cursive script and oracle bone script, the collection features a narrative form of song in ancient China known as Tanchi (彈詞) . One work is titled the Immortals by the River (臨江仙), an excerpt of 二十一史彈詞 composed by Yang Shen (楊慎), the son of Chief Grand Secretary Yang Tinghe (內閣首輔楊廷和) in mid-Ming China. If you have ever read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三國演義), you are surely familiar with the following lines:


If you wonder why it is included in the novel or have never read this great work of Luo Guanzhong (羅貫中), please do so! Both Chinese and English versions are available in the library collection either in print or electronic formats.

Also, more plants are placed around the Learning Commons, in addition to the artificial turf covering the podium of the CBCC Library. We hope that you will find these green indoor and outdoor areas cozy, refreshing and comfortable to read, study and relax.


Installation of Plastic Partitions and Ultraviolet (UV) Book Sterilizer

To better protect users during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Library has installed a plastic partition at each computer workstation in the CBCC Library so that users can be separated at a safe distance when using computers. An ultraviolet (UV) book sterilizer has also been installed next to the Circulation Counter in the CBCC Library for users to sterilize library books. It is fairly easy to use. One only needs to place the borrowed books inside the sterilizer and waits for around 50 seconds for the sterilization to complete.

Relocation of Chinese and English Books

Currently, the Library is undergoing a re-classification project, under which the majority of Chinese and English books have been assigned a new call number based on the Library of Congress (LC) Classification Scheme. These books have been relocated to the newly established General Collection, which is on the left-hand side of the entrance to the CBCC Library.

Books that are pending to be re-classified remain in the Chinese and English Book Collections with call numbers assigned based on the Lai’s Classification Scheme and Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) Scheme respectively. Users should be aware of the call numbers when locating the books and seek assistance from library staff if necessary.

Enhancement of E-Resources

The Library strives to provide e-resources that could benefit users’ learning, teaching and research. Over the past academic year, the Library has subscribed to several new e-databases as follows:

E-Databases Introduction
瀚文民國書庫 Consists of over 120,000 e-books in various aspects published from around 1900 to 1949
Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas Provides visualized human organs and systems for interactive learning
Visible Body Anatomy & Physiology Contains more than 500 3D models of human body systems highlighting their anatomical functions and physiology
JoVE Science Education: Essentials of Physical Examinations I, II, & III Video collections featuring physical examination procedures, methodologies and relevant techniques
Audit Opinion (CSMAR Solution) Provides financial data related to audit opinions of domestic audit units since 1990

Users can get access to over 100 e-databases in various subject disciplines in the Database List

In addition, users are encouraged to scan the QR codes placed on the General Collection bookshelves to directly browse the e-books of relevant subjects, apart from locating them via the Discovery Search platform or the Library Catalogue.