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Library Service Updates (October 2023)

Orientation for New Students

Orientation 2023-24 banner

To help new students prepare for classes well in advance, the library orientation programme started half a month earlier this year in mid-August to introduce them to various subject-specific resources, services and facilities.

With the assistance of the Registry, Orientation booth we set up a booth on the 2nd floor of the CIHE campus during the 3-day registration period in the summer to promote the orientation. New students were encouraged to attend any one of the 15 sessions available either face-to-face or online.

The orientation programme ended in mid-September and drew over 200 participants. They were invited to take an online quiz after attending the sessions. Those who answered all questions correctly were automatically entered into a lucky draw. The winner of the top prize, which was an iPad (10th generation) Wi-Fi, was announced in late September.

Orientation photo-A415 Lucky draw winner

Course Reserves

Leganto poster

The Library officially launched the ReadingList@Library service in September 2023. The service provides students with quick access to course readings, allows instructors to create resources list of their teaching courses and retrieve analytical reports on their students’ activities in Moodle.

Leganto interface

A “course” sign will appear on the title information page of Discovery Search if the title is one of the required readings of a particular course.

Discovery Search (“Course” sign)

Integration of Union Search to Discovery Search

The Union Search, a catalogue of interlibrary loan (ILL) items, has been upgraded and integrated into the Discovery Search platform. Eligible users now can request print books, book chapters and print journal articles that are not available at our Library. The procedures for making ILL requests are set out here.

Union Search

Monthly Book Exhibitions

To encourage students to read more widely and search for materials for further studies, a series of monthly book exhibitions had been planned and the first one was held in the lobby of the Learning Commons beginning mid-August 2023. New and existing book titles were on display.

Book exhibition

“Academic Writing” was the theme of the first exhibition which ran from mid-August to mid-September 2023. The aim was to provide library users, especially new students, with a variety of useful guidebooks for writing academic essays at the post-secondary level so that they could better prepare themselves for the upcoming assignments in the new academic year. Each exhibition will have its own theme.

Do come to the exhibition when you are free to find out what you can see and get!

Academic Writing Guide

Academic Writing Guide

As essay writing is a main item of assessment for most of the study programmes, a new instruction guide titled “Academic Writing” has been specifically compiled to provide students with key information and tips on essay writing. It explains how an academic essay is structured and outlines a 4-stage process of writing for students to follow. Tips are offered at each stage with the aim of helping students to produce an essay where ideas can be clearly and logically presented, and where the format is in line with established practice.

If you are new to academic writing, you are strongly encouraged to read the guide here to acquire various writing skills necessary for academic success.

Browser Bookmarklet

browser bookmarkletThe browser bookmarklet can re-direct you to the remote access page of the library subscribed titles. If you were accessing e-resources from the publishers or vendors’ website directly, you may make use of the tool to access the resources from off campus quickly.

Prize Presentation Ceremony of the User Survey

Survey Prize Presentation Ceremony

From March to April 2023, the Library conducted a user survey to collect comments and suggestions from staff and students about its services, resources and facilities. There were over 1,000 respondents, many of whom provided useful feedback.

In appreciation of their strong support, all participants in this exercise were entered into a lucky draw, which took place during a prize presentation ceremony that was held on 4 May 2023 at the Learning Commons. Members of the Senior Management were invited to officiate at this event, which was filled with great joy and excitement. More than 30 fabulous gifts generously donated by publishers and vendors were given out to the winners.

Journal Quiz Competition Winner

Emerald winner

Warmest congratulations to one of our students who won the second prize of the online Emerald Journal Reading Quiz competition held by Emerald Publishing, a global information provider, for educational institutions in Hong Kong in May 2023.

Transformation of the Young’s Corner

During the summer vacation this year, improvement works were carried out at the Young’s Corner in the CIHE Learning Commons. This renovation project was intended to create a memorial place to preserve and present the legacy of the Most Reverend Michael Yeung Ming-cheung, the late Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong.

New look of Young’s Corner Light box showcasing Yeung’s biography Glass cabinet

The remodeled Corner features a large light box showcasing the life of Bishop Yeung as well as a series of glass walls displaying his key pronouncements on the development of youth and the importance of education in nurturing the young generations.

Opposite the light box, a glass cabinet has been set up to exhibit the relics of Bishop Yeung.

Please make time to visit the refurbished Young’s Corner on the 4th floor of the CIHE campus to pay tribute to Bishop Yeung and draw inspiration from his wise words.

Relocation of Books

Relocation exercise

To free up space for storing an increasing number of print books, a batch of bound journals—of which back issues can be accessed online—have been taken off the shelves at the CBCC Library.

Some books previously placed at the Learning Commons have now been relocated to these shelves. From now on, users can more easily find most of the print books at a centralized location.

Enhancement of E-Resources

The Library has striven to provide a greater variety of e-resources to meet the ever-increasing learning, teaching and research needs of users in different subject disciplines. In this connection, the Library has recently added the following e-databases:

E-Databases Introduction
British Nursing Database The British Nursing Database is a full-text resource supporting the practice, education, and research for nurses, midwives and healthcare professionals in the UK and the greater nursing community. It also provides abstracting and indexing for hundreds of titles dating back to 1993.
Complete Anatomy Complete Anatomy is an interactive anatomy learning platform that includes human 3D model with over 17,000 structures and over 1,500 clinical videos.
ClinicalKey Student ClinicalKey Student (Physiotherapy Package) is an interactive education platform that supports teaching and learning with a wide range of physiotherapy content, including over 65 physiotherapy textbooks, more than 14,000 high resolution images and over 435 videos.

Note: Please register to access the database. Details can be referred to Access Note.

JoVE Education JoVE Education is a comprehensive video collection covering various modules in science, which include physical examinations and clinical skills, chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, environmental sciences and psychology.

At present, about 300 e-databases in different subjects are accessible via the Database List of the Library Guides both on and off campus.