Saint Francis University Library

Library Service Updates (January 2021)

Orientation for Freshmen & Tailor-made Workshops

In September and October 2020, the Library organized a series of online orientation sessions to equip newcomers with essential information literacy skills in using print and electronic resources. Also, learning support facilities and equipment such as Macbook and iPad loans, Wi-Fi printing as well as interactive whiteboards for use in group discussion were introduced. In addition, topical workshops were tailor-made for students on behalf of their course instructors, with topics ranging from APA referencing instructions to the use of subject-specific materials. All orientation sessions and workshops were well-attended.

To reward the newcomers for participating in the orientation, they were eligible to enter the lucky draw for attractive prizes. The draw result had been announced on the library news.

Subject Resources & Advanced Search Tools

If you are not new to our website, you may be aware that we have launched a couple of new features since the beginning of the first semester. They include Library Guides and advanced search tools that offer you extra subject information and convenient access to e-resources for your learning and research.

Library Guides

This is a comprehensive online guide that provides you with a variety of subject-specific resources to supplement your learning. Currently, it consists of selected reference materials, print and e-books as well as useful websites in various subject disciplines, including Business & Management, Psychology, Language & Communication, Nursing and Social Work. You may also identify relevant search terms as suggested in the “Search Tips” section to kick-start your research projects.

Moreover, to help you cite properly in your assignments and research papers, the formats and key rules of both 6th and 7th editions of APA Referencing are provided for your easy reference.


This is an integrated e-journal platform which allows you to browse e-journal titles and issues subscribed by the Library in different subject categories and sub-categories. You can also download its application on your portable devices for reading anywhere, anytime. Please click here for instructions.


More importantly, it enables you to retrieve the articles a lot faster than before. From now on, when you search for e-journal articles via Library Discovery Search, you can download the full-text directly within seconds by clicking “Download PDF” or “Read Article”.


LibKey Nomad

Browsing online encyclopedia for information seems to become a habit for many people today. This browser extension tool offers you one-click access to full-text articles which the Library has subscribed to from publisher websites such as Wikipedia and PubMed. A “Download PDF” or “Article Link” button will appear on the website if the article title is possessed by the Library. It can save you precious time in locating and retrieving the journal articles when conducting research for your assignments. This tool is available for download here.

HyRead e-Book Mobile Application

In addition to viewing e-books via web browser, the HyRead Chinese e-book platform has launched a mobile application for readers to loan and read the e-books on their smart phones and other portable devices. The application is fairly easy to use. Simply follow a few steps here to borrow, download and read the e-books for a designated loan period.

New Log-in Setting for My Library Record

To make it more convenient for you to access My Library Record to check and renew loaned items, the Library has aligned its log-in setting to that of the campus computing network. This means that you can access My Library Record with the same log-in name and password you use to access the windows of the campus computers. For log-in instructions, please refer to library news.

This log-in setting also applies to the viewing of library e-resources from off-campus.

Magnificent Watercolours at the Young’s Corner

Thanks to the artist Ms. Wong Mei Sau, Mina and in loving memory of the donors Mr. Cheng Hsu Shih and Mrs. Cheng Kwee Moei Hong Mary, a collection of watercolours featuring cross-cultural connections are framed and displayed at the Young’s Corner. These magnificent works depict the phenomenon of international cultural exchanges in the increasingly globalized world. Whenever you come across non-local students at CIHE/CBCC, give them a warm welcome and have a chat with them. You will surely get inspired and widen your view of the world through these exchanges. You may even challenge your conventional wisdom and correct your misunderstandings when you are able to know more about the history, cultural traditions and current development of the countries and regions they are from.

Disinfectant Sprayer and Nano Shield Sanitizer

To keep a clean environment for all library users, in addition to the disinfection robot services carried out in September 2020, a disinfectant sprayer has been installed near the entrance to the Learning Commons. It sprays your clothes and shoes with nano shield sanitizer when you trigger its sensor for disinfection. This gives you an extra layer of protection upon entering the Library.

Enhancement of E-Resources

The Library strives to provide various e-resources to meet the learning, teaching and research needs of users in different subject disciplines. Recently, the Library has subscribed to the following e-databases:

E-Databases Introduction
APA PsycTherapy A collection of over 500 streaming videos in psychotherapy, it features expert psychotherapists demonstrating various treatments and highlighting the common obstacles faced during therapy sessions.
Sociology Source Ultimate It provides more than 2,200 full-text publications for users in the field of sociology. Coverage of topics ranges from gender identity, marriage and family, to demographics, political sociology, religion and socio-cultural anthropology.
Merriam-Webster Unabridged It is a comprehensive American dictionary consisting of over 476,000 vocabulary entries, 350,000 example sentences, 200,000 verbal illustrations, and 500,000 definitions enhanced with quotations from written sources such as New York Times and Times Magazine.

Users can get access to more than 100 e-databases in different subjects in the Database List both on and off campus.